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BROADWAY SONGBOOK® is an intimate, fast-paced show featuring the greatest songs of all time. Each show is filled with funny and informative stories about the music that has become the soundtrack to our lives.  


Hosted by Broadway and recording veteran, James A. Rocco and featuring a cast of show-stopping vocalists from Broadway, Hollywood, and concert stages, who knock the songs right out of the park, BROADWAY SONGBOOK® has played for private parties, on concert hall stages and in theatres and clubs of all sizes.


Musical Theatre and the Top 40, grew out of America’s diverse culture.  BROADWAY SONGBOOK® brings that into focus.  It’s an audience favorite that's relaxed, fun and filled with the inside scoop about the greatest songs of all time.


BROADWAY SONGBOOK® is produced and written by Jeffrey P. Scott and James A. Rocco for Thirty Saints Productions.  Every show is customized for the venue and the audience, with a cast of 4 to 8 knockout performers backed by solo piano, a five piece band, full orchestra or high quality studio tracks.


Audiences have been overheard saying, “this is like gathering around a piano with your most talented friends.”







Created by:

Jeffrey Scott and James Rocco


The stories and songs behind Broadway's biggest hits.


Broadway Songbook salutes its magnificent legacy in a relaxed atmosphere that gives you the stories behind great hits, making it a thoroughly entertaining package.      Katie Fraser, WCCO, CBS Affiliate

This is a great series.

Erin Nagel,

An intimate view of the greatest musicals of all time.


The vibe is inviting and unpretentious.  Rocco is a natural raconteur, I can see why the Broadway Songbook often sells out.    Susannah Schoulweiler, Knight Arts

Top Pick for 2013 - Robustly entertaining.  Intimate and personal.

Lavender Magazine

Entertaining and meaningful.     Rohan Preston, Star Tribune


Wowed the audience.     ticket

Inviting the audience in is what the Broadway Songbook series is all about. Curating the songs for an evening such as this means balancing the crowd-pleasing favorites with the unexpected renditions and forgotten gems.  Written by Rocco and Jeffrey P. Scott, the intimate, clubby vibe of the performance, at no point feels too small for the (1900 seat ) room.

Twin Cities Arts Reader

If you'd like to see the revue done beautifully, don't miss the Broadway Songbook series at the Ordway. Hosted by James A. Rocco and written by James A. Rocco and Jeffrey P. Scott, the Songbook focuses on a songwriting team, an era or a particular style. Featuring a revolving cast of talented performers, the cast sells the hell out of the songs.